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Build your own perfect cheese and charcuterie board with over a dozen varieties of olives, jams, tapenades, crackers and local items to choose from! Our Cheese Department features an unmatched variety of delicious cheeses, sourced from local family dairies, domestic producers, and European artisans. We offer custom cut cheese wedges for grating, snacking, or to enhance your weeknight dinner dishes. Our Team Members possess a deep knowledge of our cheeses and are happy to recommend pairings, suggest recipes and help you find the perfect cheese for any occasion.

The passion behind our product offerings: An interview with Cheese Director, Rich Ferranda:

Tell us about your role with Lazy Acres.

“I bring in new cheeses and manage relationships with cheesemakers and specialty distributors. I reach out to cheesemakers for their support and am always on the hunt for unique items that are both delicious and innovative.”

What is your favorite part of the job?

“Tasting new cheeses and understanding what makes them taste the way they do. Cheese is like wine–whether it has a wash brine, what part of the aging process it’s in, the temperature, the feed that the cattle is eating, the aging process…it all helps me understand where the flavor comes from.”

What are your cheese must-haves when making a cheese platter?

“I love a good variety. I recommend a triple-crème brie which pairs well with jam, honey and fruit. My personal favorite is an aged gouda which makes for great attributes to pair with accoutrements and an aged cheddar–18 months and 2 years. Condiments are a must. There is a new must-have jam that has port wine in it that I can’t wait to launch in-store.”

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 products from Lazy Acres, what would they be?

“Water, oven-roasted turkey and swiss cheese.”

Rich Ferranda, Director of Cheese